Adult Film Star Makayla Cox discusses Dating, Sex at Raves with Strangers, and Fitness Guys

Romantic relationships are one of the most puzzling and complicated aspects of our brief time on this planet.  The joy and excitement as well as the pain the suffering affects us all, some more than others but make no mistake… no one gets to make it through life without getting caught up in the whirlwind of emotion at some time in their lifetime. 

Women of all walks of life, all demographics, and all professions… embark on a journey to find their perfect match.  And along the way they love, they learn, they hurt, they persevere!

This week we sat with adult film star Makayla Cox to see what she has to say about men and dating in her profession…

So Makayla… we have been trying to find time for a few months now with your busy schedule so thanks for carving the time out today…what did we pull you away from today?

No problem!  Well today I’ve got a ton going on…I have a shoot tomorrow to prepare for, need to hit the gym, working on my social media accounts and the BIGGEST thing I have to knock out is my dress for the AVN Awards’s show in Vegas!

Knock out…so are you making it?

Yep, I make it from scratch and without a pattern so it takes a lot of focus… but I have to look good next to all the exy stars on the red carpet!

So in looking at your IG, I saw that you are quite into the EDM rave culture….

It’s my passion!  I just love making my own costumes, love the energy and feeling of freedom.  Plus I typically will go alone and meet so many amazing people that I stay in touch with… it’s a wonderful experience and the culture fits with who I am as a person.  And of course the music! Duh!  Nothing like tripping balls at a place like that! 😊

Agreed… the rave community is definitely a group that loves to spread the love!  I attended a few back in my day (ok just recently lol)

So before we talk relationships let’s learn a bit about you since the porn industry is one that peaks a lot of curiosity…. how did you get your start?

I started in Canada by checking the adult classifieds and I called every add that wasn’t an escorting ad.  I wasn’t given the time of day so I hustled at a shady strip club because I didn’t make the cut to be a circuit dancer.  Circuit dancers are paid performers in Canada and make great money.  And I looked at Pornstars as if they were some kind of Gods and I was far from that but that didn’t stop me.  In fact, that made me try even harder and not give up!

So you get your first gig, what was going through your mind as you headed to it? 

It was a super amateur shoot and a very long time ago.  I think I was excited because this was my break into the industry!

Do you keep count of how many scenes you have done?

No, I lost track a long time ago!  Lol Who cares….

So you live in the party capital of the world, Vegas… what kind of trouble do you like to cause out there?

I think everyone has already seen it on my snapchat!  Honestly my craziest party nights aren’t even in Vegas, but if we are talking about Vegas… my best friend, Shavelle Love, and I have made a home at the Bungalows at The Marquee.  We run around like we own the place! lol Never a dull moment around here!

Any kid of special treatment that you get in your daily life?

When I go to raves I realize how many people actually know who I am, I get crazy special treatment there!

So have you ever ran into or partied with Dan Bilzerian?

No, he has let me know that he knows that I “exist” but he has personally hit up my friend Shavelle.

Tell us the biggest misconception that people have about porn stars?

That I’m easy and will open my legs for anyone.  F*CK NO!  You gotta be damn f*cking special for me to waste my time on!


So physical intimacy without deep emotion can sometimes cause feelings to form…ever “fallen” for another porn star?

Wow!  Sex and love are two different topics and there is no love in porn, it’s just sex!  Chill out lol  However, I love my friends and I happen to fuck my friends for work and get paid which is pretty awesome.  Are they the person I think about before I fall asleep every night?  Hell no!

So I read that even with all that sex going on, that lots of female porn stars don’t actually orgasm on set….do you?  

Sometimes…but mostly I gotta fake it at the signal of the director.  I have to fake it so much that my body goes into an orgasm response when I mimic the motions and a sort of half orgasm.

Give us some of your weirdest and/or kinkiest requests from fans?

I love all my fans, but the crazy ones I have to tune out.  My DM’s are 90% d*ck picks and I completely ignore them unless they send me it via SUPE app.  There I actually get paid to see their d*ck picks and get to know the person attached to it! Lol 😂

So what’s a good days pay for a porn shoot?

Well it depends on what you are shooting but a day on a set is usually $1,000 and what you make annually is based on so many factors… your look, how many shoots, age, who represents you, etc.

So let’s talk relationships…. Would you say you prefer being single or in a relationship?

In a relationship, because who the f*ck likes being lonely!

So you meet a new guy, you start talking and getting into each other…. do you just come right out and tell him what you do for a living? 

I don’t have to, they either know or figure it out before I ever say anything.

So do you find that dating is especially hard in this industry because guys you meet don’t take you seriously or don’t think of porn stars as “long term relationship” material?

I have been proposed to a lot over the past year but ya dating is a curse.  I think it’s because people are clearly raised with no values and treat people like trash.  I have had guys use my career as an excuse, when we are arguing, to  call me a whore and think they can tell me what I’m allowed or not allowed to do!

What is the sh*ttiest thing a boyfriend has ever done to you?

How do I pick one!  I’ve had the world’s worst past relationships!  My stories are far too dark for this interview but I have been lucky to escape with my life.

So have you ever done anything mean or funny to get back at an ex-boyfriend?

So I don’t hurt others even if they hurt me.  But I will enjoy seeing him suffer when the next guy I hook up with is a badass and famous and his fans start to harass my ex and throw it in his face! lol ☺️

Those fans can be ruthless!  LOL!   

Can you share any memorable sexual experiences?

So one of my favorites is with the only ex-boyfriend I can say that I ever truly LOVED.  We were f*cking on acid while watching house of a 1000 corpses and he was choking me out.  He zoned out and thought he killed me! LOL!  He would never choke me that fucked up again! 😂

Another time, i was at the Paradiso Music Festival at The Gorge, during the Bassnectar set! I was walking through the crowd and brushed up against some soft skin and it felt amazing.  I look up and it’s this hot guy with muscles!  I gave him a BJ in the crowd before I even knew his name!  It ended up on snapchat and we found him the next day and tagged him. 😈

I’m going to need to see that video so I can properly fact check this article. 😬

 Do you find that because of the all the “work sex” you have, that it negatively affects the real sex you have with someone you are dating?

No, I’m not an insecure teenager.  Real sex is life!  Wish I had me some now 😌

So you are single now…. describe your type of guy using 4 words….

Abs! Shredded, cool as f*ck, raver!

Describe your ideal date…

My ideal date….a theme park while tripping balls.  Haven’t found someone cool enough to do that with me yet 😢

Something a guy can do or say that gets you to immediately stop talking to him?

Any judgmental statement, immediate block!  Any indication that he’s annoyed I didn’t answer his text fast enough, immediate block.  Any statement not understanding that he doesn’t come first to my kid or busy lifestyle, immediate block.  Any other red flag that says “I’m an abusive prick with low self-esteem and I’m going kick you while you’re down and blame you for how I feel about myself” type people, immediate block.  ANYONE who treats me like an ATM machine, immediate block!!!!!! Anyone, who I finally give in and sleep with and they leave before I put my clothes on, immediate block.  So basically everybody can suck a d*ck.. I’ll be at home watching movies by myself!  If I wanted to feel like shit I would look in a mirror after eating salt, while PMSing, thanx and good day!

Sounds like you have been through enough to really know what you WON’T put up with, which I find is hard for most women to do.  They can’t define their boundaries and stick to them when they encounter the wrong guy.  And end up kicking themselves down the road!

Worst date or “meet-up”?

I drove from Vegas to L.A. to meet a guy and  he CANCELLED when I got there!

WTF!  What an ass! 

So are you talking to anyone now that could get serious?

I have someone trying to sweep me off my feet.  He paints a beautiful picture of what are future can be.  I’m proceeding with caution!

What are instant “turn-ons”?  Turn-offs?

I’m turned on by guys that truly get me, most guys don’t.  Turn offs.. guys only interested in hookups literally no lie.. dries me up down there!

Can you list these in order of importance when looking for a future mate:  His income, looks, how much he can make you laugh, how good he is in the sack. 

None of those.  Number one is Fitness Lifestyle, I can’t be with someone who doesn’t lift weights and eat healthy.  It’s a common goal!  Be around what you are trying to achieve… It’s that simple.  Anyone else falls under the friend category.  Next is personality!  I need a hippy like me that’s full of life and adventure!  I hate night-clubs, that’s not my idea of an adventure!  I need someone crazy and spontaneous.  Like he better be the kind of person to go to burning man with me one day.

Yeah, your top priorities are way better then the options I gave you 😉

Ok, the final Million Dollar Question…. Does size really matter to you?

I dunno, if I like a guy I really don’t care.  8 feels good though.

Hmmm, 8 feels good?  I bet there are a lot of guys out there running to find their tape measure right now to check! LOL 😜

Well Makayla, I could sit all day and pick your brain but I know you are busy!  We’ll come back to you when we need juicy stuff for our book.   Thank you for being so candid today, keep on being a badass raver and we’ll catch up with you soon!

We know you have a ton of followers in your social media channels, but for those readers who want to see more of a real down to earth porn star, can we list your accounts?

Sure!  So my IG account was recently hacked so my backup account is….

IG: @laura_missmcox 

Snapchat: @missmcox

Twitter: @missmakaylacox

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