About Me and You :)

Howdy and welcome to my site, I’m thrilled to have you here!  First and foremost, this is a simple core mission, to help women.  It is designed to provide knowledge and support to women who are struggling in relationships.

Let’s be real, there are a million places you can go to get relationship advice and counseling to try and “fix” or “save” the relationship.  In fact, in due time we will recommend some quality resources if that professional help is what you seek.

Instead, we will focus on something FAR more valuable to women who aren’t interested in hearing a bunch of confusing psychology from therapists because here is the potential problem with that.   Therapists and Psychologists are bound by what they have been taught in school, their research of case studies and by their opinion based on patients they have counseled.

We will open up the minds of men and expose their often self centered approach to relationships.  We will offer REAL WORLD insight and talk about often painful and ugly truths about men’s behavior in the relationship and the thought process behind it.  We will be brutally honest and share concepts, stories, and advice that you would never hear from a psychologist or in a self help book.  We offer the unspoken, unwritten “Men’s Playbook for Relationships”.

My hope is share this knowledge in order to empower you, to help you grow, to help you look out for the pitfalls of a relationship with a man that says he’s not into playing games.   We will build a community, we will lean on each other, we will live and learn and grow.

I have spent 20+ researching relationships, specifically to answer the question “why are most men just so damn messed up?”.  I will also reluctantly disclose a tough truth about my past, I was once the worst of the worst, a controlling, manipulative, lying, cheating “player”.   And Players run in packs, we are drawn to each other, we share sickening stories and boasting tales of conquering women in an effort to bond and boost ego.

So for now I’m going to keep my identify anonymous to protect the privacy of the participants in my life story, my female friends seeking help and my male acquaintances whom have provided in-depth knowledge and secrets of the so called “Fraternity of Males”.

I encourage you to comment, share, and email me.  If you have a boyfriend situation or story and want me to feature it on our website, shoot me an email.  I truly want to create  a community of support and I promise to work around the clock to be here for you!

Boyfriends Suck CEO

email me at: BoyfriendsSuck@BoyfriendsSuck.com

(By the way, if you are ever in Austin Texas give me a shout!)


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