Bad Ex-Bf’s: Amber Tells All

Amber G.

Current City: San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for the LOVE Amber and sporting our one of our T’s!  I know you said you like to keep things private, but we promise to go easy on you 😏

So can you think of something really crummy a boyfriend did to you? 

Well, it was an accident but still!  He stepped on my puppy and broke its leg , then never paid the vet fees to fix. 😢
Another time, he was driving crazy so we wouldn’t miss the movie and drove my new car (which has low profile tires) into a pot hole!  He claimed it was an accident but come on, everyone else dodged it.

Ugh, I don’t really want to tell you because it’s so annoying.  But he made a fake IG account pretending to be a girl then proceeded to message bunch of guys who liked my pics that I’m a nasty hoe who f*cked a lot of her friends and now some of them said their pee burns so watch out for me! 😕

Wow!  Now that’s a tad bit much I think.  Wish I had screen shots of those messages lol 🙂  Lets lighten it up a bit…..

What do you think is your best physical feature?

My cute face!

Favorite quote?

“Through every day night is a brighter day”

Favorite Food?


Dream Vacation Destination?

I’d love to go beach hhopping to all the best beaches in the world and doing every crazy water sport and beach activity!

Who is your biggest celebrity crush and why?

Selena Gomez!  Shes a Texas girl and I mean just look at her ! She’s sweet an got her heartbroken then partied her ass off!  How real is that lol  Plus her new songs are on point!

Thing you value most in life?

Being  able to make someone proud and just being content.

Can we share you Snapchat name and/or IG name?

Ummm.. Not yet…

Any advice to other women based on your past relationship  experiences?

Don’t ever deal with what another woman did ! If you didn’t do the damage don’t deal with the consequences.

Awesome advice! Thanks for sharing Amber, we’ll check back with you down the road. Thanks for hanging out with us and we wish you the best! 🙂 Girl Gallery

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