Guys Can Be Assholes… Lucie Shares Some “Special Moments”

Lucie R.
Current City: Austin, Texas

We’ve all had our share of memorable moments in past relationships.  Many of which we wish that we could forget!  But if we can’t forget them, hopefully at least we can learn from them and maybe share a good laugh over them.

 We sat with Lucie recently to talk about some “lowlights” of her romantic past.

 Can you tell us about one of the shittiest things a BF has done?

 I caught my BF of two years out on a date with another girl, some of my friends saw him out and called me. I already knew something was up and was already looking for him when I got the call that he was at Buffalo Wild Wings. I rushed there and met them at the door as they were walking out with leftovers in hand. Impulse took over and I smacked him in the face with my phone giving him a lovely black eye. We didn’t last very long after this incident!  And the reason he came up for doing this was, “his coworkers pressured him into taking her out”!

We have heard just about everything in the book, but don’t ever recall hearing that the co-workers made me do it! LOL (Sorry for laughing, but we really did laugh her in the office)  Ok let’s talk about lying, give one of the worst lies you can recall? 

“She’s just my cousin” this was my very first boyfriend! lol He cheated on me for maybe a year with his so called “cousin”.  Until I found her on MySpace and we talked and figured out that he was playing us both.

Ah, very clever!  He added a twist to the old classic “She’s just a friend”!  Our readers will have to be on the lookout for this one 🙂  Have you ever been dumped or dumped someone in a shady-ass way?

So I was going through a rough patch in college, I was dropping out because they wouldn’t let me change my major, I was working my ass off to make ends meet, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and I had a BF. I was stressed and having a BF was the last thing on my mind, I broke up with him on his birthday and I’m pretty sure it was over a text message.  He hated me for a pretty long time and I don’t blame him, thankfully we’ve spoken about it since then and we’re good friends now.

Dang, I guess Girlfriends can suck sometimes too! LOL J/K So would you care to share any bad sexual experiences you can recall?

Ummm, well I called a guy 2 different names in bed before I finally got it right, things got a little awkward and “soft”, so I just put my clothes back on and left, never spoke to him again 😦

OMG! “Soft”!  On that note…think we can end this interview…without the “bang” 🙂  Thanks Lucie, hope to catch up with you again… Girl Gallery

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