Sarah Shares Some of Her Dating Past and Present!

Sarah E.

Home Town: Dallas, Texas
Current City: Austin, Texas

We were thrilled to spend some time getting the scoop on Sarah and her past experiences.  So thanks for sitting to talk about relationships with us today Sarah, let’s dive right in….

Biggest celebrity crush, man or woman and why?

Charlize Theron…because she’s hot!

What is the shittiest thing a bf has ever done?

He broke up with me right after I gave him a gift!

Did you take it back?

I asked for it back and he said “no”, it was a photo book I made for him.  I just drove home balling my eyes out 😦

Well it was probably best he didn’t give it back, because then you would have had to burn it!  So what is the worst lie your bf ever told?

That when he broke up with his ex to date me that he did NOT have break up sex. He did!  He told me a year later into our relationship.

Have you ever done mean or funny to get back at a bf or ex-bf?

Not yet! lol

Any tips or tricks you use to win an argument with a bf?

Not telling that! 😉

Let’s talk dating, describe your ideal date?

Get on a jet plane to Paris and drink wine and eat.  Steak is my favorite!

How did you meet your last 2 boyfriends?

Social sports and the brewery I work at.

So you currently have bf, tell me what you love most about him?

He supports me in everything I do!

That’s good to hear, at Boyfriends Suck we realize that not ALL boyfriends suck.  Good to hear he doesn’t, you look happy as hell so cheers to both of you!

So did you ever have a standard time-frame for waiting after a breakup until you would date again?

Nope, you never know when the right person will come along.

Things a guy said or did that were deal-breakers for getting a first or second date?

Got my number and my friend’s number and then tried to ask us both out on a date.  Like we wouldn’t find out! lol

Name any career choices a guy might have that are an absolute “will not date”?  And why?

Bartender! And you know why!

Oh gotcha, yeah I know why… because they are boring in bed. lol  What is the worst/funniest pick up line you have ever heard?

A guy told me he liked my romper, I didn’t know straight men knew that term!!!! LOL

Instant turn-on? Turn-off?

Turn on, Confidence!  Turn off, Cocky!

What do you feel is your best physical feature?

My Brain! 🙂

Um, I kind of meant external physical feature but that works  😉  What person or thing you value most in life?

My Mom!

Would you care to share your IG name?

Yes!  Follow me at @eubanksarah and @museatx

Ok, final question.  List these in order of importance  when looking for a future mate:  income, looks, how much he makes you laugh, and how good he is in the sack.

  1. Makes me laugh
  2. Looks
  3. Income
  4. Sack

Very interesting that laughing rated way higher than the bedroom.  If you are a man and reading this, listen up closely… work more on your comedy than your skills at pelvic thrusting 😉

Thank you again Sarah!  It’s been a pleasure, and thanks again for rockin our T-shirt with such flare! Girl Gallery

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