Anna talks Dating, Bumble and Nookie

Anna P. 

We had the opportunity to sit with this bombshell to talk relationships and our first impression… she’s got a ton of positive energy!   Lets see what Anna has to share….

Had any bad boyfriends?  Tell us about the worst of the worst…..

My very first relationship from the time I was about 18 to 22 was hell!  I chose to stick around but in short it was a non stop boxing match only I never fought back.  I allowed him to cheat on me and beat me until I was a bloody pulp and motionless and still stuck around.  I was just young and dumb and he’ doing 25 to life now so…yay!  But I sure did know how to chose them back then 😕 Apparently I thought his 6ft 6in self was the sexiest thing ever but now looking back I think it was the drugs and alcohol talking and thinking.

Experiences like that are the toughest for us to hear about, but you are truly blessed to be here and have that behind you!   Can you think of any lies a guy told you and you caught him?

Men can’t really lie to me, hell no one can.  I see through all that!  However I dated a guy who had a business trip he had won through his work and he said it was only for employees.  Thanks to Facebook and him being tagged in pictures I found he could have a “plus 1”!  No worries though, I’ll go to Italy one day with my new man 🙂

Facebook always has a way of telling on people!

Do you have any tips or tricks to winning an argument?

I heard that during an argument if you just whip out your booby it works!  Never worked for me until I got my breasts done….then yes it’s like magic!

Umm… I’m pretty sure your bf’s are just going to argue on purpose with that kind of behavior!   So what is your best advice you can give to other women when they are dating a boyfriend that sucks… like when do you know it’s time to move on?

Use your brain and not your heart…and RUN LIKE HELL!  When I finally saw his inability to see my problems as his and understand that his were mine.  When you are in a relationship it’s a team effort.  If you can’t relate and be empathetic and understanding, try to help each other during the worst of times and only think relationships are made up of good times alone then its a lost cause.

Truer words have never been spoken, it takes hard work!  So can you tell us about a bad/funny sexual experience…something that you have rarely shared if ever?!

I met my current man on Bumble over a month ago.  He was the only one I gave my # to and we talked and texted almost daily.  We had spoken a few times about meeting up but for my comfort felt a group setting would be best.  He invited me to his birthday on the lake and I was thinking perfect!  The lake is my “element” and I get to meet his friends.  So then Saturday night rolls around and at 2 AM he asks me to come hang then we all go to the lake Sunday morning, so I figured what the hell.  Not something I would normally do but I managed to make it north an met his best friend.  Me having no filter introduced myself and bluntly stated that I have had constipation cramps for 2 days now and was in a goofy funk.  His buddy said “Yo man you weren’t cat-fished, I like this one”! 

We had a blast went to bed woke up and enjoyed a fun-filled day on the lake.  Yes surfing and partying with constipation cramps…every girls dream right.  Especially when she’s around THE hottest guy and hoping he doesn’t get like most men and act all grossed out.  So I’m not sure why but I just HAD to keep repeating my issue but he still hadn’t run away! 

I wanna say it was 2 days later and that makes 4 days of no relief for me and he asks to come by.  We hung we laughed we had a great time!   Then I felt it was time we see what this man is “made of” in the bedroom.   So I’m still cramping really bad but I held my own.  (it’s all in the breathing ladies all in the breathing!)  So I’m riding him for a bit and yes it was and is amazing and then all of a sudden I jumped up so quick, it was like I was doing parkour and fled to the bathroom while shouting “sorry!”.   He was so understanding and it was so nice to get some relief after four 4 days.  I took a quick bath and came out of the bathroom and looked at this sexy man and said “You just f*cked the shit out of me… Literally”.  Winning!!!  He laughed so hard and we were both in tears.  I know it was awkward for him but he told the story to a gal he works with and they laughed forever about it.  Definitely the most entertaining sexual experience I have ever had and I definitely I wanna keep this guy!

Wow! 😳 Definitely some instant bonding going on that day!  Well I guess sometimes it’s best to cut straight to the real life stuff and skip the “show” that we put on at the beginning of a relationship.  

So that leads to the next question… you just told us you used Bumble to meet your current guy.  So you’d recommend a dating app?

Yeah so I recently had a gf of mine tell me I needed to sign up for Bumble.  I told her no, not gonna happen, its lame, etc… then 3 drinks later found myself swiping.  And yes my current new man is actually from “the hive”  I didn’t think it was possible and only time will tell but I’ve since deleted the app and I feel really confident in this man! ☺️

The fantastic moments we are creating from a simple “right swipe” are mind-blowing!  lol So can you tell us about a past bad date…what has a guy done to really sticks out?

I’m not really the dating type often but I did allow a guy to take me out to dinner and then he made me pay.  I’m sure many of us women have experienced but I was immediately turned off.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all down for a split the bill or we take turns type situation however the way my bank account was set up at the time I was not prepared.  Try asking your bank for an overdraft forgiveness just this one time because some chump couldn’t get the tab after asking to take you out. 😁

Agreed, shouldn’t ask a women out and not pay unless you state that up front.  What do men think…that women just have money lying around waiting for guys to ask them out on dates? 

Are there things about guys that are “deal breakers” for you when trying to get your attention?

When a man talks about his ex 75% of the time in comparison to me as if it makes me feel better.  Like really bro?!  Have you even let her go.

So you said you have a new guy… tell us what you love about him?

I think I do.  Its pretty new but I adore the hell out of him.  Didn’t know men like this still existed.  He’s a chef which is a major plus because he loves food, a father of 2 and working so hard to make his ends meet for the better.  Did I mention he’s the whole package.  He looks freaking photo-shopped!  Body like a god and smile like the sun in those children’s book.  Its non-stop laughter, snuggles and almost perfect communication.  He even holds my face gently while kissing…whaaaa!  He makes an effort to ensure I’m having a good day and even more importantly allows me to do the same with him.  He’s a good listener and a talker.  It’s never one sided and he’s just all around great!

Ok, last question…. biggest turn-off and turn-ons?

Fugly hands feet or teeth!  Not gonna have it… don’t care how rich or fit you are!  Beautiful eyes, smiles and the immediate ability for me to notice they have a good sense of humor.  Also someone who doesn’t take things too seriously is so attractive.  Ok and I am a sucker for sexy forearms!

Forearms?  Hmmm…. guys if you are reading this you better focus on legs and apparently now your forearms! lol

Well Anna, it’s been a pleasure!  We’d love to share your IG account since you have some awesome pics……

Sure, my IG is: Ap_CasualQT

Good luck with everything…come back and chat anytime!  And thanks again for rockin our T-shirt! 😉

Photocred: Christopher Alan
Facebook: CACphoto Girl Gallery

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