Kym Dickens: “Be a Gentlemen, or Don’t Waste My Time”

This week we are more than delighted to be sitting with fashion model Kym Dickens!  We have been admiring Kym’s modeling work for quite some time and luckily we were able squeeze into her schedule to talk about past relationships and dating….

So Kym, let’s jump right in….. tell me about one of the crummiest things a boyfriend has ever done to you?

I would have to say one of the worst things a boyfriend ever did to me was forget my birthday.  I was turning 18 and he not only forgot my birthday, he invited himself to go eat with me and DIDN’T tell me happy birthday and he made me pay for BOTH of our meals.  Then he had the nerve to ask me why I was in such crappy mood.

So this brings up a an interesting conversation I had with a female friend the other day.  She was telling me how she doesn’t take chances with a guy forgetting her birthday, she makes it a point when she  is seeing someone to say things like “My birthday is a month away” and “Only 14 days until my birthday!”.  And if the guy doesn’t remember her birthday after all those reminders, he’s doesn’t deserve to date her… or anyone else for that matter! LOL!  

So tell me about some of the most memorable “bad dating experiences” you have endured? 

Let’s see…. so my boyfriend hated my best friend of 8 years and was super jealous when I hung out with her.  I also had a crazy boyfriend that broke 3 of my phones… a 2 week period of time.   I had a boyfriend that would tell me I couldn’t go see my sister.   Oh and one boyfriend that didn’t like me looking nice when we went out together because “guys would look at me”.   So I guess you can say I have had my fair share of duds in my life!

So it sounds like you have had your fair share of the “jealous and controlling” types.   I find often tell women that there are always signs that a guy has a this tendency, and that women have got to recognize them and stand their ground when there is an attempt at being controlled by a guy.    Because it gradually gets worse as the relationship grows and it becomes extremely difficult to get out the longer you are subjected to this type of behavior.    

So have you ever done something to get back at a guy that wronged you? 

I would be lying if I said I NEVER did anything to get back at an ex, because I have.
I found out on bf was cheating on me because the girl he was cheating on me with came to my work….right after I clocked in, and told me and showed pictures and messages of how my bf was at her house the night before then at my house the next night and I never knew.  Also the worst part is that we all worked together and he was at work that day that she came and told me.  He played us both!  So we BOTH decided to take bright purple lipstick to his white car parked in the parking lot and write a few select words that described his behavior.  Oh and it permanently stained his car!   I am not sorry, he deserved worse.

To sleep with two girls at the same place of employment and think you are going to get away with it… you have to be dumb as a rock or really just not give a sh*t about anyone else.  

What is the worst way that you have been broken up with or a relationship ended?

I would say the worst way a relationship of mine ended was I found out the guy I was seeing for 4 months was seeing me….and 3 other girls.  I found out because a girl posted a  picture of them on Facebook and the caption was “third date down, more to go!”  So I ended that.

Well damn, I’m starting to see a pattern here Kym…. if you took an honest look at your “dating radar”, would you say you have totally missed the mark many times when picking a guy to date?

I think sometimes get caught up in someone’s physical attractiveness…. and then find out down the road that they are a really sh*tty person…

So do you feel like you have allowed bad relationships to drag on longer than they should have?

I am not gonna lie…. I always give people a second chance, but after getting burned so many times, there is no more second chances.  If you break my heart, then I am done with you.  I won’t be a doormat!

Weirdest boyfriend or strangest habit?

I had one boyfriend who had to have his food made a certain way and with the same brands and same order and the food couldn’t touch and he wouldn’t ever try new things.  It was the SAME meal every week.  And I even took 2 years of culinary school and he never got to experience my good cooking because he was too picky!

That just seems REALLY odd to me…. maybe that was a sign there were some other creepy things going on in his mind 🙂


So enough about past boyfriends….  let talk about dating and your future love life…. tell me about an ideal date for you?

I am pretty easy to impress and first dates are a deal breaker.  If you don’t take me to dinner and open the car door then I probably wont want to go on a second date.  I am a lady; and you better treat me as such 😋

Describe your basic “type” of guy.….

I am a sucker for tall, dark, and handsome with dark hair and dark eyes.  And also a sucker for guys with good hair and a good smile.   A REAL winner for me is an old school gentleman, a man with goals and someone who can support himself.

Tell me something a guy did that made you immediately stop talking to talking to him?

He was talking to me and several other girls.  I wont put u with that… it’s either just me or no me at all.  Take your pick!

Tell me about your worst date?

My worst date was in Austin and it was our third date.  I worked a 10 hour day and got off to meet this guy for our third date to meet up with his friends for first time and I wanted to impress them.  So I got all dolled up and when I got to the place we were meeting at, my date was drunk off his ass and he kept disappearing.  We then had to take a bike cart cab so I could get his keys from his roommate.  We arrive at his house I stay outside on bike cart, waiting for him to come back with his car keys so I could drive him to safety.   It starts raining and an hour passes and he hasn’t came down!  He wont answer his calls or texts.  I pay $60 to bike cart driver for wasting his time and have him drive me to my car….10 blocks away!  The next day the guy calls and tells me he wrecked his car and went to jail… and I didn’t feel bad because he left me in the rain and I WAS going to drive the idiot.

Wow!  That is one of the best (funniest) dates I have ever heard!  Geez… but if that happened to me I would have been FURIOUS!   

So are you seeing anyone now?

Currently, I’m “Team No Boyfriend” and I’m not planning on dating anyone in the near future… plus I’m way to busy with work, school, and modeling.  I have a lot of ambition and I’m focused on achieving big things in the modeling world!  So it’s gonna a take a real special person for me to date them.  I want the best and I am not gonna settle for just anyone.  So it’s time to be picky until I find a true Southern Gentleman….so for now this girl is on the solo train riding shotgun.

Biggest pet peeve when it comes to guys?

Pet peeve about some guys is being too cocky…I hate that.

Biggest turn-off?

A big turn off is guys who don’t take care of themselves.  Personal hygiene is a must!  Also a turn off is bad breath or nasty teeth.  If you cant keep your mouth clean, then you cant kiss me, end of story!

So have you ever used a dating app… anything interesting happen?

Yes, I went on one tinder date and the guy told me he was 6’2″ but he ended up being 5’7″….I am 5’6″.  I wore heels and was almost a foot taller than him!

I just don’t understand lying about something like height, there is just NO way you can get away with that!   So would you say the guy always has to be as tall or taller than you wearing heels….so he has to be 6 foot at least or you just can’t date him?

I’d say at least 5 foot 10…. but I will also say that the taller he is the more attractive he is!

So our women readers can identify with this next topic… there are WAY too many guys out there that send some outrageous messages and other content to gorgeous women online…  any comment?

I hate when guys send me di*ck pics!  For one… EWW!  Secondly I will immediately block you.   For some reason a lot of weirdos send them to me them via Facebook messenger…. and Facebook is NOT where you want to send those buddy, I will forward it to everyone on your friend list; so don’t send them to me.

Agreed!  That reminds me, we interviewed someone who said she received an unsolicited d*ck pic so she sent it to his girlfriend on Facebook.   The girlfriend responded with “so what, I’m the one who took it”.  LOL!   Some crazy people out there.  

So when it comes to things you have learned or something you have learned about yourself when it comes to relationships?

I can honestly say I have had my flaws in relationships, my biggest flaw is getting too into someone and then realizing they don’t wanna be in a relationship.

So many people can identify with that tendency…. definitely something to watch out for.  

So any parting advice for other women out there who might be experiencing some bad boyfriend behavior?

Ladies, look if a guy treats you badly then drop him. Don’t waste your time expecting him to change; because He wont.  And never try to change someone.  Save yourself the heartache and move on!

Kym, it has been a pleasure talking with you today, we wish you the best and come back and see us soon!  

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Photo Credit: Tim Bear
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