Adult Film Star Makayla Cox discusses Dating, Sex at Raves with Strangers, and Fitness Guys

Makayla Cox shares some spicy details of her love life!

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Liz Talks Cheaters and Sex with MMA Fighters

This week we are grilling Liz about her dating history, trying to get some REALLY private stuff out of her!   So we brought some wine (2 boxes to be exact) and just sat and waited before going on the record.  The giggling has began….so I think we are ready……  So Liz, first off….. thank you […]

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Ex-BF Stories: Eva’s Past Did Not Dissapoint

Eva S. Current City: Austin, Texas We sat with Eva this week and boy did she have some stuff to share about her dating past and present!  Let’s see what juicy tidbits we can actually post…. So let’s start with telling us the crummiest thing a BF has ever done? Let’s see, well he insidiously […]

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