Ex-BF Stories: Eva’s Past Did Not Dissapoint

Eva S.

Current City: Austin, Texas

We sat with Eva this week and boy did she have some stuff to share about her dating past and present!  Let’s see what juicy tidbits we can actually post….

So let’s start with telling us the crummiest thing a BF has ever done?

Let’s see, well he insidiously pummeled my self-esteem into dust, having me genuinely believe I am a trouble making loser who couldn’t do any better than him, even though he’s convinced I’m cheating on him with every male in my life. Projection is a doozy.

Worst lie you have ever caught your BF telling?

I had a boyfriend who valued partying with strangers more than being with me (even if I was down to party too).  He would stumble home at 7am, wake me up to pick a fight with me and then pass out snoring like a chainsaw, and then be late for his day job.  Naturally rumors would surface about his womanizing antics, which I believed, because I knew him well enough.  He never needed to deny that stuff to me, I have much empathy. But he would swear black and blue that it wasn’t true even in the face of proof! Astonishing!

Have you ever done anything mean/funny to get revenge?

So I suspected him cheating with this babe who worked at the bakery across the street from his restaurant.  I couldn’t blame him, she was a total fox and was totally DTF (I know that part because I read his texts;)  So one day I edited her contact in his phone, swapping out her number for mine…then i went into the other room and began texting him.  My texts were showing up as her name and I totally set him up and caught him out!

Later on he had a baby with her and he missed the birth of his daughter because he had some DJ gig… such was his nature.

Wow!  That’s some real James Bond 007 type stuff right there!  LOL!

So do  you have any advice to other women who are dating a BF that sucks?

It may shock you to learn, ladies, that we DO NOT actually have to put up with bullshit.  There are men out there who are levels ahead of this dramatic dumb*ss sh*t! Let me tell you this…if a guy likes you, is truly into you and respects you, you know it!  He texts you back, and makes time for you to do things you both enjoy, is consistent in his behavior, and is a generous lover.
If he is not into you, then you’ll feel “confused”, and unsatisfied on so many levels.  So Level Up!

That’s some really awesome advice!   So can you tell us about breakups, what is the worst way that you have broken up with someone?

I am a total gutless wonder when it comes to breaking up with guys.  I fear hurting them, because my empathy is a curse.  But then I usually just start acting like a complete c*nt until they break up with me.  For this reason I am not friends with any of my exes, which I regret.

So after going through a ton of crap with w guy, what was the final straw to cause you to walk away?

Finally realizing my self worth, and that living a life with day-to-day heartache is unnatural.  Also I caught him red handed with another woman (the guy above).  For so long I asked the universe to provide me with irrefutable proof that I couldn’t make excuses for.  And boy did I get it – and i am not even talking about the text thing!

Yikes!  The cheating and the sense of betrayal is always a major wake up call for so many of the ladies we talk to.  

So can you tell us about a bad/funny sexual experience?

Not so much a single event but a series of disappointments.  Men often build the anticipation, pea-cocking and claiming all kinds of prowess only to disappoint me when it comes time to actually throw down.  Claiming “this never usually happens to me”, or “I’m just so intimidated by your beauty”…this is all a farce!

I can tell a funny sex story though.  The guy mentioned above has a tiny, tiny pecker.  I’m talking comically tiny here!  But i didn’t care, I was in love with him and enjoyed our “loving”.  One evening he had me up against the washing machine in the laundry room. We were having a terrific time until he accidentally shoved his little wee willy RIGHT up into my backside! The shock and the pain was so excruciating that I fainted.  I came to…and I see him and my roommate fanning me and wondering if they need to call someone.  When the pain subsided I laughed and laughed, but he was genuinely upset at himself.

Bahahahahahaha!  (I’m still laughing hours later as I edit this for the website LOL)   Well Eva, that is definitely a story you and your grand kids will share many a laugh over!

So you seem like you are in an awesome place, are you dating someone now… tell us about him?

Yes!  My current boyfriend Matt, is incredible in every way.  He is hilarious, thoughtful, loving, generous, a terrific listener, unreal lover, and vibrates on my frequency.  And sexy as all hell with a tremendous sex drive! 🙂  He inspires me to continuously improve and be the best I can be, on every level.  He teaches meditation, Tai Chi, QiGong and Broadsword fighting.  So naturally we are never bored!

Well you are glowing and it’s awesome to see that things do get better.   Thank you for sitting with us and being so candid, we’ll definitely want to come back and see what other beans you can spill for us.  

Would you care to share your Snap and/or IG name?

Sure, my IG is: eva_strangelove  (it’s set to private but I accept everyone.  I also look at your page and follow you back if you’re not all selfies and boring food)

Thank you again Eva! It’s been a pleasure and we love you!  And thanks again for rockin our T-shirt! 😉

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