Crazy Ex-BF Stories: Jaala Shares Some Juicy Stuff

Jaala B.

Current City: Austin, Texas

Jaala hit us up and said she had some pretty bad relationship experiences…. she wasn’t lying!

Can you tell us what crummiest thing a BF has ever done?

He told our friends and family that my son (and his son) wasn’t his baby.  And that it was a friends baby who had just passed away recently!

Worst sexual experience?

During sex it was getting hot and heavy and we started talking dirty. But he got too dirty the last two things he said to me were”you wanna f*ck some animals?” And ” would you let a homeless man f*ck you”.  Too much, too much!

Wow, you should have said “Yeah, can we do a homeless guy and a dog at the same time?”  LOL!  So what is the worst lie your bf ever told?

My boyfriends phone was sitting next to me while he napped and I was on the computer.  It went off and I looked at it and a message from an unknown number popped up with a message that said “great sex last night” so I decided to message this person back and pretend like I was him to get her name so I could Facebook who she was and quite frankly to find out what happen because I knew he would lie.  Found out everything including who she was(a dancer that worked at the same club as me) then went to were he was napped and punched him in the balls and asked him who she was (I’m editing out the profanity).  He said he had no idea and that nothing the girl messaged was true so I called her right in front of him.  He refuses to talk to her so I hung up and threw the phone against a wall( btw I paid for his phone and phone bill-everything under my name).  Later I messaged her and told her what happened, and that I didn’t want to mess with her but to not pop back in my life again and to not talk to me at work or start beef with me.

Good thing he didn’t have his find locked, or you would have never known!  Tell us about the worst/saddest manner in which a guy has broken up with you?

One night we had been drinking and we started to fight.  It got very intense with the yelling but once he pinned me up against the wall I thought he was gonna hit me so I hit him first.  I felt awful and knew that the relationship would not get any better so I packed my stuff and said I was gonna go visit family but that I would be back (he always talked me into staying).  So I lied and said I’d be back but took all my stuff and never went back.  The sh*ttiest part was a month later I found out I was pregnant.

So have you ever done mean or funny to get back at a bf or ex-bf?

Yes, slept with his best friend after he slept with mine! (bad idea btw)

Well sometimes two wrongs don’t make a right, but doesn’t hurt to try!  So share your best advice to other women about dating/relationships?

Communication and compromise are key!

Also, don’t date a bad tipper, shows they don’t respect staff that makes minimum wage that is working hard for that tip.

If family and friends don’t like him then don’t date him, there’s a reason they don’t like him!

Always ask yourself, would this be a good daddy to my child (or fur baby)

Find someone motivated and focused on goal!

If someone doesn’t bring out the best in you and vice Versa, you want to re evaluate the relationship. 

How did you meet your last 2 boyfriends?

Through a friend and at a club I worked.

Instant turn-on when meeting a guy?

If a guy smells clean and cologne!  I get seriously turned on!

Name any career choices a guy might have that are an absolute “will not date”? And why?

Drug dealer, did it before and it wasn’t easy and scary wondering if he would ever come home.

So you currently have bf, tell me what you love most about him?

He’s amazing with my son, fantastic in bed, talks about everything with me even though I can tell he’s uncomfortable sometimes, after a long day of work he comes over and massaging me when I should be doing it to him, he cooks, helps me clean, good daddy to his boys, makes me laugh, listens to me when I need to talk.

Sounds like an awesome guy, sounds like he’s making up for all the past bad ones in your life. 🙂

What person or thing you value most in life?

My son

Would you care to share your Snap and/or IG name?

snap chat: jaalabesch / IG: jaalapeno66

Ok, final question. List these in order of importance when looking for a future mate: income, looks, how much he makes you laugh, and how good he is in the sack.

  1. Income
  2. Makes me laugh
  3. Looks
  4. Sack

Income is def important, not just to enjoy a comfortable life but also helps provide a good sense of security, especially with a family!

Thank you again Jaala! It’s been a pleasure and we love you!  And thanks again for rockin our T-shirt out on the town! 😉 Girl Gallery

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