Liz Talks Cheaters and Sex with MMA Fighters

This week we are grilling Liz about her dating history, trying to get some REALLY private stuff out of her!   So we brought some wine (2 boxes to be exact) and just sat and waited before going on the record.  The giggling has began….so I think we are ready…… 

So Liz, first off….. thank you for wearing our T-shirt to the interview, this is a first…. 

Well I wore it around town today and I got some weird looks lol  Oh and thanks for splurging for the wine…you guys are big spenders at! 

You are welcome, we were just going to bring one box but for you… we went all out!

Let’s talk about some of your most memorable dating experiences…. can you tell us about one of the sh*ttiest things a BF has ever done to you?

Let’s see… so we had just got into a really big fight so he left and went home.  So the next morning I decided to just go over there before we both went to work to try to make up.   And I pull up and caught him leaving his house with another girl!  That a**hole went home and called another girl over!   So I see them pulling out and so I speed over and block his car in and went and opened his door and what do I see….this bitch was holding our f*cking dog!  So I just was obviously devastated and shocked… so I just left! 😕

Damn… she had your dog?!  Yikes!  Wait a minute…. sounds pretty coincidental that you just HAPPEN to pull up while he was leaving…. are you sure you weren’t sitting outside all night? LOL

No, I just would have never thought his metro-sexual boy toy would do this stupid shit to me!


LOL So did you ever see him again after that?

Yeah, so 3 weeks later I face-timed his ass and he answered… and I was making out with this guy…I guess he watched for a bit then hung-up and blocked me! LOL

Ok let’s talk about lying, ever catch a guy in a lie?

Guys lie all the time….but there was a time when a different boyfriend said he was out with his boys…and I didn’t believe him, so I went to his house and just let myself in and went to his room and he was in his room with my girlfriend!  I just left, he wasn’t even worth it.  Except, I’m sure he didn’t like his car the next day!


Damn, I’m starting to see a pattern of behavior here Liz! LOL  So have you ever been dumped or dumped someone in a shady-ass way?

So I really want to avoid breakup conversations when I want to move on, so I really just ghost on people.  If they text me I just reply wrong number. LOL  One guy actually came to my house and blasted some song from Edward Sheeran song from his car!  I was gagging as I looked out my blinds, I just sat that there and hid and left the lights off so he thought I wasn’t home.  He left eventually…. man that was a close call!

Last question, would you care to share any bad sexual experiences?

So I decided to be open to dating other cultures and so I met this Asian MMA fighter.  So we finally had sex…and the thing that really freaked me out was that his face never changed the entire time we had sex, it was like a mask, and he stuck his tongue out the entire time.  And he just kept jabbing his skinny pencil thing into me like he was doing karate.

What the HELL?! LOL I’m never going to get that image out of my head now Liz!  Well on that note…. we are going to leave you now with this expensive wine…… and we can’t wait to catch up with you down the road.

Can we share your IG?

Sure…. @lizlongoriaaa

Well thank you for sitting with us Liz, it’s been a pleasure!  Hope to catch up with you again… and thank you for rockin our T-Shirt!


Photo credit: Joshua Paull Photography
IG: @jpaullphoto Girl Gallery

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