Keli Rockett: “Find Someone Who Treats You Like F*cking Princess!”

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Friday from Austin Texas!   This week we caught up with Keli Rockett!!!   She was crunched for time so we caught up with her while she waited for her coffee at Starbucks and I  know what you are thinking….was it a Pumpkin Spice Latte?   You are basic for even thinking that….. ok…yes it was a Pumpkin Spice Latte and yes every guy in the place tried to pay for it!

So Keli, first off…. love your name, seems a bit “too cool” to be real?  Can I see your license?

It’s real…but yeah I get that a lot.  Here is my license  *Holds thumb over the picture*

Ok, we believe you!   Can I see your license pic?

NO! lol 

Ok, so lets talk dating…. tell me about your ideal date?  And please don’t tell me a date like on “The Bachelor”… that shit ain’t real dating!

Lol…ok well my ideal date would be to be invited to do an activity rather than just a dinner, something like paddle boarding, indoor skydiving, go to a concert, Graffiti Park, etc.  I’m open to almost all activities.  So after that if we are having a good time, lets continue to dinner.

And if you aren’t having a good time?   

Gotta go!

What is your biggest pet peeve with a guy?

When he doesn’t take pride in his home or apartment.   Keep that shit clean!  And if we are dating don’t expect me to clean your place….especially the bathroom.. Yuck!


Worst pick up line or way to get your attention? 

I am a bartender so I hear a lot of bad pickup lines but I think the worst most recent experience was a guy trying to ask for my number in Spanish and I had absolutely no idea what he was saying.   I get that I look Hispanic but I am not and have no clue how to speak that language so it’s just an awkward moment.

What if the guy was the most gorgeous Spanish man you have ever seen?!

Well damn!  In that case I might have to take an online Spanish college course!

Let’s talk about some of your most memorable dating experiences…. can you tell us about one of the worst lies you ever caught a boyfriend telling?

So I had confronted the guy I was dating and asked if he was sleeping with any other girls and obviously his answer was “no!”  Then two days later, I found period blood on his bed sheets and there was no way it was from me!  Busted!

Damn, how do you know it wasn’t from him having a bloody nose?

Because with that much blood he would be DEAD!  Plus, it was in the middle of the bed and not the pillow!

Yikes! Ok… was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt…but yeah there is no getting out of that one! LOL

So tell me about a time when you just knew you were done with a guy and had to say goodbye! 

I’m the type of person that takes care of my man when he is sick or injured.  Is it too much to ask for the same care and love in return?  I never get sick but the one time it happened my boyfriend basically ran the other direction.  Didn’t ask me how I was feeling, didn’t bring me soup or flowers, no f*cks given.  The one time I actually needed someone to be there for me and take care of me….so disappointed so we broke up the next day.

Best advice you can give to women who are dating a guy that sucks?

We all fall for bad guys but there is a point when you actually realize he’s a bad guy and not treating you right.. so dump him right then.   Don’t give him a second chance because he says he’s going to change and be better.  That’s bullshit.  I don’t care if its been months or years that you have been dating someone.   If you’re not happy and he doesn’t show you the respect you deserve then you are bound to break up at some point or another.  The longer you wait the harder it is.. so just do it.  Go find someone who treats you like a f*cking princess!


Great advice, and we hear this advice often but it is so much easier said than done.  So our final question for any guys who might be creeping on this site trying to get the inside scoop…. give us your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs…..

So turn-ons….a guy who has great style and confidence.   He should make me feel safe and I should know he has my back if anything were to happen.

Turn-off…if you hit on me then go hit on another girl across the bar!  I don’t care if you get hammered, be able to keep your shit together…Bad reputation!

Seen this many times and probably because there is a rule some guys borrow from sports… the more times you swing the greater the chances of hitting a home run, but sooo not cool.

Well Keli…you are rolling up your car window and trying to pull out so I guess we can end the interview!  LOL Thanks again…and enjoy your basic drink and hope to see you soon!

Go checkout Keli’s IG and Snap…I forgot to ask if it was OK to share but she’ll forgive us…

IG: @lilmissrockett

Snap: kelzbelzz

Photo Credit: Christopher Alan
FB: CAC Photography

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