Brooke: “This Guy Wouldn’t Brush His Teeth Before Bed…. Deal Breaker”

This week, Brooke took some time out from being a mom, going hard in the gym, and building her website, to discuss some not so great moments in her Relationship Past, Dating and the things she looks for a man!  

Thank you for sitting with us today, we are absolutely THRILLED to pick your brain and share with our readers your experiences and approach to dating.

So Brooke… let’s start off with questions some of your past boyfriend experiences….. ever have a guy do something like super sh*tty to you?

So my boyfriend in high school ended up cheating on me with another girl in the bathroom….and right next to the classroom I was in at the time!  Most everyone in the school found out before I did. 😕

At school?!  So what happened when you confronted him?

Yes, so I walked up to him in the hallway and asked him if it was true… he said “yes” and walked off!

Well, I guess that’s as crappy as it gets…..well actually it could have been much worse if there was a video circulating the school! 😬

So did you do anything to get back at him or any other guy who has ever wronged you?

No, I’m not the “get back” type.  If anything I need to stand up for myself more.

Memorable or crummy breakups….. can you share one?

Growing up, I was Facebook official with a guy who was at church camp for the summer and wrote me saying God told him he shouldn’t be with me.  Through text is the worst, but I guess that’s the generation we live in.  Usually I’m the one that runs when it starts to get serious.  I’ve only had my heart broken a couple of times, and I wouldn’t include “church camp” guy one of them.

Well that’s new one to us!  That’s like a new version of the “It’s not you, it’s me” breakup speech.   “We need to break-up…It’s not you and it’s not me, it’s God” 😂

So manipulation and controlling behavior can often be a big part of a bad relationship.  It comes in many forms and both men and women fall victim to it…. Ever found yourself under someones thumb so to speak?

Yes, I was in a verbally abusive relationship for a while that completely tore me down.  I would say that it’s one of the most destructive techniques and takes a great deal of time to get over.

So after experiencing some rough times with men and relationships, what have you learned?  How has your approach towards dating changed at all?

So I’ve learned it takes time getting to know someone.  One of the biggest warning signs that you could pick up on the first date is how he treats the waiter.  Also how he treats his mother, but you may not find that out until a couple months in.

The topic of taking time to get to know someone can actually an entire book to itself, especially in today’s fast paced, “hurry up and see where this is going” dating scene…. it’s often easier said than done.  We touch a little on this in an article we did a while back called “Repeatedly Getting Burned in Relationships? Maybe You Should Try Keeping One Foot Out the Door”

So has a guy had any bad habits…that you just couldn’t handle??

There was a guy who wouldn’t brush his teeth before bed…. so gross!   I would just lay there thinking “aren’t you going to brush your darn teeth!”.  Definitely a deal breaker.

That is freaking disgusting, I think I would break up with someone right after they fell asleep over that! LOL

So give us the best advice for other women who might be dating a boyfriend that sucks?

Get out, dating should be fun!  You’re learning about what kind of people you like and things you don’t want.  Every relationship you are in should compliment your life and make you a better person, not bring you down.

Well said… we find that all too many times people aren’t good at taking a step back and truly assessing whether or not their relationship is positive and uplifting, or detrimental to their emotional state and future….


So Brooke… let’s talk dating.  Describe an ideal date or something a guy did that impressed you?

The guy I’m dating surprised me with a staycation one weekend because of our hectic schedules.  He had the entire night planned for us.  I like spontaneity and adventures, I think experiences are more impactful than just fancy dinners.

We hear often from women the old “dinner and drinks” thing is just boring and unimaginative.  And how wowed they are when a guy can plan something, put some thought into it and by all means…do NOT ask a her too many details about what SHE wants to do.   Take charge guys! 💪🏻

Describe your “type of guy” using only 4 words…

Good with kids, funny, tall, observant

Impressive…but you broke the rule of “4 words only” to ensure the number one thing is addressed.  Which is being good with kids since you are a parent.  Being a single parent myself, I can speak from experience that that is definitely my number one priority in potential mate.  Good Job Mommy….we love you even more!!!

Are there any signs or things you do when you first start talking to someone new? 

I ALWAYS freeze up when I like someone.  I get really nervous, sweaty palms and everything.  It takes me a couple dates to warm up and let my guard down.  Until then, I’m really awkward. 😏

Ever have a guy do something or act a certain way that you immediately stopped talking to him?

He thought he was all that and a bag of chips…humility is a lost art these days!

Tell us about THE worst date or “meet-up”?

It was my first tinder meet up, I was in Seattle and we met at a Starbucks. (Wait for it)  So he ends up bringing me a Washington apple and expected me to eat the apple while we talked.  He also told me I eat apples the incorrect way. 😳 The entire 45 minutes was so bizarre and I couldn’t finish the stupid apple fast enough!

Bahaha!   That was so nice of you to stick it out….I think I would have ran the second he busted out the apple! 😂

So apples don’t work with you obviously (not sure why not 😏) …so what is the way to Brooke’s heart?

Unexpected flowers, notes and gifts are my sweet spot.  I once had a batch of warm cookies with milk delivered to my door with the sweetest note.

I’m going to go on record and say that I can GUARANTEE that even if a woman has no interest in a guy romantically…she will remember him for life if he sends warm cookies and milk to her door!  (I think it would be even more memorable if you had it delivered by a guy in a scary clown costume…but hey what do I know, I’m no dating expert 😌)

So as much as we want to believe you are perfect… certainly you’ve had a moment with a guy when you weren’t on top of your game? 

A few years ago I met a guy on the dance floor and ended up throwing up on his shoes that night, surprisingly we ended up going on a couple dates.😄

So give us something a guy did on a date that forced you to not give him a second date?

We were at a fancy restaurant and I asked for ranch with my salad….both him and the waiter SNICKERED at me!  I wanted to punch them both in the balls! 😡

Geez…if he  had just snickered on the inside he might have gotten a second date!   I learned at an early age, never come between a woman and her favorite condiment. 

So have you ever used a dating app….any success or funny stuff to tell?   

I’ve had one serious relationship from a dating app and surprisingly more fun dates than bad.

Oh that’s interesting, I guess the guy you met on Tinder that brought the fruit to the date was just “a bad apple” ☺️  (Sorry, the wine made me do it)

Think fast…. biggest pet peeve with guys?

Jealousy.  I’m in an industry that requires the guy I’m seeing to have confidence in me.  If what I do or say isn’t enough for them to be confident in what we have, it wears on me.  BUT I’m also the jealous type, which I think comes from my competitiveness.  So I guess you can say I’m my own pet peeve.

What the heck…Ok, I have to give you sh*t for this Brooke!  Jealously is your biggest pet peeve…yet you admit YOU are a jealous type!  This conversation could last hours on that topic…so better yet I’m just going to bite my tongue LOL 😏

How many “unsolicited dick pics” a day do you get from creepers?

You know, I think I’ve only gotten a handful of dick pics in my entire lifetime.  But I guess I’m not the ‘send her a dick pic kind of girl’, which I’m 100% okay with.

Yeah, nobody wants to be that girl (or do they? 🤔 Lol)

Instant turn-ons and turn-offs?

Turn on…when a guy knows his way around the weight room, a good driver, and knows how to fix shit around the house.

Turn off….picky eaters and guys who smoke!

List these in order of importance when considering a future mate:  His income, looks, how much he can make you laugh, how good he is in the sack?

How much he can make me laugh, then his looks and sack skills tie for second.

Income isn’t something that makes or breaks a guy for me.  Can we put “good with kids” first though?

Yes!  Again for you, we’ll change the rules Brooke….geez! ☺️

So not to pry too much…but are you seeing someone? And if so, what do you love about him?

Love is a strong word, but he challenges me in a good way.  I appreciate any relationship that makes me a better person and that I can learn from.

Well we hope it stays positive and we wish you the best Brooke in your dating journey!  Thank you for sitting and sharing today and keep sportin our T-shirt!

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