Shelbi: “We Went Swimming and he had a HUGE Booger”

A basic premise for our site is to create a forum for women where they feel comfortable talking about relationships and experiences that have shaped who they are today.   We enjoy all the positive emails we get supporting our mission and sharing your personal triumphs after suffering through some difficult or eventual times in your past.    We are definitely not here to bash men, but ARE here to share…to reflect…to laugh… to comfort.   

And even though we present our site as a “Place for Women”, we find that we have a great deal of male readers that find stories not only entertaining but insightful as they get to read about what women want and don’t want, and the approach they have to dating.  Thank you for all the love thus far and keep those emails and story ideas coming! 😋

Let’s get on with the show!   This week we were thrilled to sit with Shelbi to see what she was willing to share about dating and relationships.

So Shelbs… (can I call you that?)… you seem pretty laid back and easy to get along with, what could posses a guy to be a douche with you?

I am laid back, and I don’t know….maybe just met some of the wrong guys at the wrong time I guess.  But it’s all good, I love my life! 🙂

Good to hear!   So we have had several women tell us about some BIG lies they have been told and others tell us that they honestly can’t think of a time they caught their boyfriend in a big lie….  any jaw dropping lies you can tell us about?

I don’t think there are any super big ones other then the cheating, but basic “guy lies” for sure…. like catching them going out when they said they were staying in.

Yeah, that seems to be pretty standard…. we are working on an article on the basic lies guys tell and that one is on the list.   There are several reasons for that lie, but we’ll wait to explain when it comes out!

Tell us about the worst breakup you have experienced?

Yes, my ex fiancé broke up with me through text one day after our 3 year anniversary!   He wouldn’t talk to me about it and left me completely hanging then he led me on again and made me think he wanted to work it out.  Then a week later he just vanished!   Then I realize he blocked me on social media and a short time later I hear that he went to his military ball with his now wife…..  that he eventually married the day before my birthday last year.

So he “ghosted” you… then he struck you with some “paranormal activity”?   NOT cool! 😡

Yeah a bit shocking but I’m over it.😉

So have you ever done anything  psycho or gotten revenge on an ex?  

Honestly, what girl hasn’t gone a lil Psycho!  But I have jumped in the back of a guys truck and refused to get out until they had a conversation with me. Hahaha! 😂

Can you share the worst or funniest sexual experience?

So I found a piercing-ball in his bed and chewed him out and accused him of cheating!  But it totally came from one my piercings. LOL 😂

So what was the final straw that made you break up with a guy?

He cheated on me a million times and I always forgave him, granted it was in high school but it was my first relationship ever and it was something that I’ll never forget.

So we can’t fault you too much since it was High School, but it’s hard to understand when adult women repeatedly go back to a guy after he cheats over and over.

Give us the best advice you can give other women when it comes to relationships?

Don’t let that sh*tty boyfriend effect your opinion about other men, there are good guys out there they are just REALLY good at hiding. Haha 😏

Yeah, either hiding….or taken… or in some cases still growing into becoming that “good guy”!


Dating…. describe your ideal date?

My ideal date is going to the movies or even just watching movies from home, I love movies and to me there’s nothing better!

Simple and cheap for the guys!  lol  But see that answer is misleading to our men readers because if you just meet a guy and he asks you out on a date and you say sure…. and then he proceeds to say “yeah, just come over and we’ll watch movies”!   LOL  It totally sounds douchey!  But I get it, once you get to know them.

Can you tell us about a funny date or “meet-up”?

My worst date was one time me and this guy we went swimming and he had a HUGE booger hanging out of his nose and I could never look at him the same. Haha! 😂

The classic “pool booger”!  Note to guys, never take a date swimming because a simple booger can cause you to lose a girl real quick! 

Biggest pet peeve with guys?

I hate when they don’t know when to quit.  If a girl isn’t interested you messaging 15 times isn’t gonna change that!

Biggest Turn-ons and offs?

Turn-ons… neck kisses and flowers!  Turn-offs… laziness and bad hygiene.

So we know you aren’t the type to be jaded and not willing to get out there and date just because of some past bad times… are you seeing someone now?  Tell us what you love about him?

It’s complicated but the thing I love most is that I can tell him anything and I know I’m not being judged.  I know I can ask him anything and he’ll be honest, even if it hurts my feelings and it’s probably his best quality.

Awesome….well we’d love to hear how it develops so come back to chat anytime!   And thanks for Rocking our Tank!!!  

If you want to follow Shelbi, here is her IG!

IG: @shelbih01

Photocred:  Dawson O’Connor Smith
Facebook: Girl Gallery

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