Hannah Victoria Allen: Some Guys Suck, But Not All

Hello folks from Austin Texas!  This week we caught up with this Texas beauty to talk men, dating and break-ups.   Hannah keeps a super busy life but she was gracious enough squeeze some time in for us….and WOW look at her photo taken by the ultra-talented photographer Christopher Alan.

So Hannah, surely an ex-boyfriend hasn’t ever done anything super crappy to you have they?

Yep, he left me for another women, and it was totally heartbreaking!

Well damn, how did you find out it was for someone else?

Well he came out and told me.   It does seem most guys follow the same routine when being a sh*tty partner.  It always starts out with changes in character or their schedule, then they start lying, then cheating.  However, most people don’t consider emotional relationships with others as actual “cheating” until something physical happens.  I’ve had two guys break up with me because they had met someone else and wanted to pursue it.  I don’t think I’ve had something hurt me quite as bad as finding out that a person I thought l loved was emotionally involved  with someone else and I had no idea.  It was incredibly hurtful and has made it hard for me to trust ever since.  😌

That’s gut-wrenching, and when that happens it’s definitely devastating for girls and for guys… I can attest to that.  

So has an ex ever told you some crazy story that you believed then found out later it was BS?

Um yeah…an ex told me he was working for his mother who was an attorney so it made sense.  Then I found out that  really he was taking out thousands of dollars in loans to live on…while we lived together!  How that got past me for so long, I’m still not sure… 😕

Well maybe he was trying to build his credit LOL 😂

So have you ever done anything to get back at Ex-BF?

I believe in karma, so I’m never mean after breakups. I believe in always bettering yourself and focusing 100% on that.  I always eat better and workout more after a breakup LOL.  And I just always try to be the very best me and show them what they missed out on! 💪🏻

Well we just got your photos back from your shoot for BoyfriendsSuck and your ex’s have definitely got to be kicking themselves now! 😍

So can you tell us about some of your worst break-up experiences?

I have broken up with guys and left them for someone else, and the same has happened to me.  Nothing compares to having someone you love or really care about, leave you so that they can be with someone else.  In my opinion, it’s even worse than a one-time cheating situation.  Terrible breakups are a part of life though and it happens to everyone.  You have to learn how to take rejection eventually.  It sucks. Bad!  But again, it happens to everyone and it just means that it wasn’t the person you were meant to be with.


So can you tell us about a bad/funny sexual experience?

I’ll just say that some people just don’t know what they’re doing.  You would think after 20+ years of having sex, you would get the hang of it.  But no, that’s definitely not the case for everyone!  😁

Guess practice doesn’t always make perfect lol 🤔  

So what can a guy do to impress you…tell us your ideal date? 

I’m pretty easy to please.  Give me some good food and good sex and I’m pretty happy!  Also, good conversation never hurts.  Wait, should those be in a different order? Haha 😂

Any dating tip for guys…what can a guy do to ruin a date?

So I went on a date where a guy couldn’t stop talking about an ex girlfriend.  Like seriously?  The nice dinner was not worth it!

What are your biggest pet peeves with guys?

Poor communication always! It’s so inconsiderate. I know you saw my text…just f*cking answer!! 😡

Give us some instant turn-ons?  And turn-0ffs?

At first glance, style and confidence all the way.  You can sense a man with great self-confidence as soon as he walks into a room.  A big turn off is not acting your age.  Act like an adult, not a child!

So are you dating someone now, tell us about what makes him special?

His intelligence and drive continue to impress me on a daily basis.  However, his good sense of style is rather impressive also, sometimes I think he has a better closet than me! 😏

An intelligent and dapper man?!   Well as we like to say, ALL boyfriends don’t suck…just have to find the right guy… we know they are out there!
Hannah, always a pleasure to see you!   Oh one more thing.  Can we share your IG and Snap account?  Other people really should go check out how awesome you are…..

Absolutely, my IG is: Hannahvic21

And my Snapchat is: hvallen042189

Awesome and thanks again for rockin our T-shirt! 😉

Photocred: Christopher Alan
Facebook: CACphoto

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