Anita on Dating: “I don’t need anyone trying to change me…”

Women have had their fair share of less than perfect moments with an ex-boyfriend, but each experience is also a lesson for the future.   And very often we find ourselves looking back laughing at some of the crap we have been through. 

We sat with Anita this week to see what “amazing” things her past boyfriends have done to her!

Can you tell us about one of the sh*ttiest things a BF has done?

Let’s see….so one of the sh*ttiest thing a boyfriend has ever done to me was after I had driven quite a long distance to see him, as soon as I left, he had another girl pull up to his apartment.  He then proceeded to break up with me later that night, saying that the other girl was better in bed than I was. 😕

WTF?!  Are you better in bed now than you were back then?  

Uhh…I hope so!

Ok let’s talk about lying, give us one of the worst lies you can recall?

Worst lie….”She’s just a friend”!   NEVER FALL FOR THIS ONE LADIES, trust your gut instinct!

So any girl who falls for “She’s just a friend” clearly needs to stop dating permanently.  LOL 😂  Have you ever been dumped or dumped someone in a shady-ass way?

So I was seeing someone out-of-state.  Everything was fine, but I always got bad vibes from him.  I should have listened to my gut instinct, that he was a player, but instead I ignored it.  So every weekend he would happen to go missing, or say “I lost my phone”.. Hmm! One day, he ghosted me and completely stopped talking to me out of the blue.  I was scheduled to go see him out of state in one week.  I asked him why he stopped talking to me, then he proceeded to dump me via text message after I had spent $600 on a plane ticket.  I was so furious.  Still am! Stating that he “did not comprehend my lifestyle”. Okay!

Dating a player long distance?  Hmmm…. probably not a good idea LOL 

So any advice you can give to other women that are dating a guy and it just isn’t worth the time and effort?

The best advice I could give to women that are dating a guy that sucks is JUST LEAVE!  Literally, your life is too precious and short to be spent with someone who isn’t worth a damn. If he doesn’t make you feel like a Queen, then you need to find someone who does.  Women need to learn to be OK with being single and being by themselves.  I feel like everyone needs to take a step back and realize, sometimes the person you’re with is just not the person you’re MEANT to be with.  If he’s a crappy boyfriend, just LET IT GOOOOOO!!!

Another thing I hate is when guys tell you that they’re “not ready for a relationship”.  All that means sweetheart is that they don’t want a relationship WITH YOU!  When the right person for them comes along, they will make time for that person.  Don’t let f*ckboys use you…ok that’s all I have to say about that! 👊🏼

Amen!  So tell us about a time when you left a guy….why did you finally decide to say goodbye?

The final straw was when I was in college and I was dating a very conservative and modest person.  He tried telling me that I couldn’t wear this or that, because it was too “revealing”.  I cut that off really quick!  I do NOT need anyone in my life telling me what to do, or to change me. I am who I am…deal with it!

Agree, we have seen your social media pages…. we would hate to see you covered up! 🙌🏼😍

Your ideal date?

My ideal date is filled with an amazing dinner, candlelight, followed by a walk in the moonlight with a kiss at the end of the night.  So cliché, but I am a sucker for romance! p.s. Also, my IDEAL DATE DOES NOT EXPECT SEX ON THE FIRST DATE. LOL

Noted…guys if you are reading this wait until the second date if you ever meet Anita! LOL JK (kinda)

Instant turn-ons and offs?!

Instant turn ons: I’m a sucker for blonde hair, blue eyes.  Well dressed.  Great smelling cologne.  Dashing smile with white teeth.

Turn offs: Bad breath, man buns, crocs, or body odor. Ugh!

What if he’s blonde and blue-eyed WITH a man bun?! 🤔

Still no!

Last question, would you care to share any bad sexual experiences?

So it was in college with my first college boyfriend.  It was awful!  The sex went on for way too long, to the point where I would actually be watching TV!  He also ended up losing the condom inside of me because he was obviously not packing enough heat. Sorry, buddy! 😏

Well at least you got to catch up on your favorite shows LOL

Can we share you IG?

Sure…. anita.cupcake

Well thank you for sitting with us Anita, it’s been a pleasure!  Hope to catch up with you again… and thank you for rockin our T-Shirt!

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