Cass discusses Relationships and an Ex Obsessed with IG

So many times we interview women and we can tell that they are holding back on us, not giving us all the dirty little secrets for fear of their family hearing some really personal things.   So this week we tried a new approach, we held a gun to our subjects head until she spilled the dirt on her past….and it worked! 🙌🏼

So Cass…. a little birdy told us that you may have had a few interesting stories to share from past relationships…..

Well I think we all have suffer some emotional bumps and bruises from our dating experiences but not letting them hold us back and staying positive about the future is really key.

So share some bumps and bruises… any memorable things that an Ex did that were really sh*tty…..

He would just do some stupid and childish stuff like one time we had been dating a year, and one of my really good friends had been away and had not had the chance to meet my boyfriend.  One day we all met up at the mall, as we were walking through Victoria Secret (which was full of women) my boyfriend loudly proclaimed how everything nice I owned he had bought me.  My friend was shocked, and almost every woman stared at me like I was an idiot.

He also liked to look through my phone while I was sleeping… I guess to make sure I wasn’t texting other men.  One night he woke me up at 3am, and told me to get the fuck out of his house!  He was mad about a text I had sent to my girlfriends talking about what a dick he was being to me.  He did not want anyone to know about our relationship.  Super controlling! 😡

Men’s controlling behavior often leads women to run once they’ve had enough of it… so what was the final straw?

Really I probably would have stayed with my shitty ex for a long time.  But he basically did the work for me in a way…because he gained a bunch of weight and once the sexual attraction was gone, amazingly I started to see what a dick he was.

Well damn…. that’s the first time we’ve heard that but it’s interesting and makes sense that once the physical attraction faded that you were able to see the underlying flaws in character that were detrimental to the relationship. 🤔

So whatever kinds of crap have you gone through…like did you ever catch a guy in a big lie?

So my ex had some weird obsession with Instagram and constantly looking at hot chicks on it.  There was always this one girls page he was always on.  Her handle was “eyelashguru”.  I confronted him about it and he told me it was his ex girlfriends page.  This girl was beautiful!  Seeing her IG actually validated my relationship with this guy for me.   He was an average looking guy, but if he had previously had a girl that hot then he must be something special.  After we had broken up, I DM’d her to see if she had been through the same shitty experiences with him as I had…. She messaged me back and told me she had never even dated the guy! What a fucking loser!!

Wow!  So that’s not the first time I’ve seen a guy try to use his “ex” as a status symbol for his future potential girlfriends and even lie about who they dated to try to impress other women.  

So have you done anything to get back at him or another ex-boyfriend?

My best revenge has always been posting hot pics up on my IG, like look how good I am doing asshole! 😏

Yeah, we were stalking your Instagram pics earlier… you are definitely cutting your ex’s hearts out! 😍  By the way, thanks for sending us the selfie version of you washing off the “boy cooties”…..

What other douchebag stuff have guys done….

Oh my goodness, so the best thing a guy has ever told me is that he loved me when he had a girlfriend.  The guy was such a savage, he was so territorial that he didn’t want me talking to anyone else.  He got all in my head, and I actually believed him.  Did I mention that he had a GIRLFRIEND?! 

So did you just stop talking to him? 

Honestly, I still talk to him and it’s something I really struggle with.  I never knew he had a girlfriend when we first started seeing each other.  Trying to let go of those feelings I have for him has been really hard for me.  I think a lot of times women know when something is bad for them however when we are really attached to someone, letting go is so hard.

Well it sounds like you know that it’s not right and that you’ll never end up with him, and I’m sure some people reading this will say that the moment they found out he had a girlfriend, they would have never spoken again.  But I have been in this situation before myself, and remember how hard it was to let go.  I wanted so desperately to believe that they would leave them and come be with me, I wanted so badly what I couldn’t have that it dragged me down emotionally for years.  

I really hope you find the strength to move on, maybe when a “real” prince charming walks into your life it will help the process along…

So can you tell us about the worst manner in which you have been broken up with?

I was going for a walk after getting in a fight with my boyfriend.  I had been over to his house to cook for him and we fought, so I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I walked to this park where there were a bunch of parents and their kids, and he showed up in his car.  The dude threw my George Foreman grill at me from the passenger window of his car, and then as he drove away he threw all my panties out the window.  I was so embarrassed, I just fled, dodging all the parents and children who were mortified and trying to ask me if I was okay! 😕

Damn, that’s a bit psycho!  I mean who destroys a George Foreman grill!

So after some bad relationships, what have you learned and how has it changed your approach towards men and dating?

Honestly, I feel extremely burnt out from men right now.  I basically think anything will make me run.  I think that I focus more on people I can have “intellectual sex” with. Basically my type right now is the nerdy guy…. because my ex was a piece of shit and the last guy I thought I was dating had a girlfriend.  I am actually about to take off to Thailand for three weeks and go try to find myself.  I think people forget to focus on themselves.

You are right, we find that people lose themselves completely in a relationship and don’t keep some level of independence and focus on things they enjoy in life.   This trip sounds like a great idea! 😁

So let’s get to the question that always elicits the funniest responses….  Can you share your worst or funniest sexual experience?

My roommate and I had been at this club called Kingdom.  He had found some cute chick that was wearing cat ears and she came home in our car with us.  When we got back to our apartment, I came to realize that this girl was clearly more about me than my roommate. She kept purring and saying, “down kitty”.  I politely declined her advances, sent her to my roommates room and went to sleep.  The next morning she literally ran out of our apartment.  We never saw her again, and never got her name. When we talk about her we just call her “kitty”.

Did you hear any loud “meowing”?! lol

So what about some strange or gross ex-boyfriend habits?

EATING TACO BELL!!!!! Fucking ewwww

Hey, some times Taco Bell is the only place open! lol

So you are single now…. describe your type of guy using 4 words….

mysterious, bossy, dark, passionate

Have you ever had success using a dating app?

Well I successfully went on a date with a former NFL football player….thanks Bumble! 😬

How many times a day do you get crazy messages on Social Media from men?

There is actually a person who snaps me everyday called “prettydick”… I just cant find the heart to block him. 😂

Can you list these in order of importance when looking for a future mate:  His income, looks, how much he can make you laugh, how good he is in the sack. 

How much he can make me laugh, how good he is in the sack, looks, his income!  I can support my damn self!

That’s a highly sought after attitude by many guys we talk to that complain off the record about having to cover so much of their girlfriends expenses that leaves them broke.
So we know men AND women aren’t perfect… so can you share something that you have done that wasn’t one of your best moments in a relationship?

So one time my ex tried to coherce me into having a threesome with my best friend, who is super hot!  We had all been out on Cinco De Mayo and we were shit faced.  The night basically ended with me throwing a tequila bottle at his face!   Then on top of that I ended up locking him out of his own room and snuggling with her.😋

You are a savage!  I think I speak for most men when I say that I would have busted that door down.  Secondly, I asked for one of your worst moments…sounds like a pretty good moment to me! 

Well Cass, it’s been entertaining and thank you for being so candid with us today…. keep doing your thing because life is too short to be worried about what people that we don’t care about think about us!

So I’m sure there are some guys out there reading this that are dying slide into your DM after reading your interview… so let’s help them out a bit and share your IG and Snap accounts lol

IG: @cassiekittens 

Snapchat: @lilmisscj

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