Top 15 Lies Men Tell… And Why!

Disclaimer! We know not all men lie and we’re not suggesting that everything we say in this article all men say.  However let’s be real, when women get that “suspicious vibe” there’s no turning back.  Investigation time must commence.

There’s a high probability that he’s not being completely honest with you and his rationale for lying can be as simple as not wanting to stir up an argument over something he feels unimportant.  Remember ladies, guys think differently and usually tend to avoid an all out sh*t storm of an argument at all cost.  On the other hand, he could actually be up to no good!

“I’m not talking to anyone else, I’m totally single”
You meet a guy and you are really digging him, so at some point you straight up ask him if he’s talking to anyone.  Unless he lives under a rock the chances are he’s talking to someone in some shape or form.  Doesn’t mean it’s serious or that it’s going anywhere or that they have even went on a date, so he asks himself “Why even bring that up?”.  But even if it has progressed a bit, if he’s digging you more, he is DEFINITELY not going to straight up tell you and run the risk of you flipping out.   He’ll simply lie about it as he begins to gather his thoughts and quietly plan  his transtion from her to you.

“My ex is a psycho b*tch”
There’s a 50% chance this is true!  Which means the other half of the time men say this it is an attempt to discredit the ex or a girl who “thought” she was dating him only to find out he’s a player.   Men deploy this tactic because they are fairly certain the girl that he wronged is going to seek out his next girl and give her the scoop.   How many girls do you know that have been contacted by their bf’s ex and found out some truthful and painful stuff!

“I always used a condom until I met you”
Ummm….where do we even start with this.  Let’s just keep this one simple.  If he is the type of guy that is EXTREMELY concerned with his sexual health then he didn’t just all of sudden lose his high standards because he thought you were so hot that he was willing to throw caution to the wind and hope he didn’t catch something.  The truth is that he most likely uses them at times and doesn’t at other times, depending on all kinds of factors.  Such as how many drinks he had, was a condom within arms distance, or if he is the kind of guy that has issues keeping it up with one on because it “desensitizes” him.  When a guy says this, you might as well act like he didn’t say it because it means nothing.

“I haven’t had sex in months”
Chances of this are under 2% by my estimation.  Men, no matter what their life is like and no matter what they have going on, are very sexual beings that need it almost as much as they need food and water.  The truth is probably closer to his last sexual encounter being anywhere from this morning to several weeks ago.

“I don’t even look at her like that, she’s just a friend”
So the chances of this being true are 50/50.  The trick is not seeming like a psycho who won’t let her man have female friends while you try to figure out if there is more going on.  But if she’s physically attractive and well-rounded then there is a good chance he’s lying about this.  However, since she’s already thwarted his past advances and they never hooked up, he doesn’t feel the need to tell you that part since it’s in the past and not going anywhere.

“I don’t know why that chick likes/comments on all my posts, we are just FB friends”
So if this is really occurring on all his posts by this same girl then you can bet they are chatting offline for sure.  Now whether or not it is innocent remains to be seen.  If you aren’t Facebook official, then there is a good chance he’s flirting with her via IM and therefore she enjoys engaging with him regularly on his posts.  Or worse, they could have already started something in the flesh.  Maybe try this tactic, you start commenting on everything including her comments and see what that leads.

“I stayed home last night and did nothing”
Do you suspect that he goes out without telling you?  Did you not hear from him for long periods and/or his answers were short?  Is there conveniently no way to quietly verify that he was at home instead of out doing something he didn’t want you to know about?  When they lie about this and things don’t add up consistently, there is always reason for concern.

“I don’t find any one else even remotely physically attractive”
Ok listen carefully, this is an absolute lie 100% of the time.  Telling this lie is often just a way to comfort and reassure women that they have nothing to worry about.  For me personally, I’m more of a realist and highly respect and love someone for their brutal honesty even if it isn’t exactly something I enjoy hearing.  MEN FIND TONS OF WOMEN ATTRACTIVE!  The sooner you accept this as fact, the better you will understand men and certain behavior.  Doesn’t mean they want to run off and marry them, doesn’t mean they act upon it…. just means that is how men are designed.  We are highly stimulated visually and it shoots directly to the core of our manhood, in a way that most women can NEVER comprehend.

“Me and the guys left the bar and just went home at 2am”
Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.  But if he lies about this it is normally always something sinister.  If you suspect your man runs around all night partying or chasing tail then he must be doing other things that make you suspect that this is a lie.  I know men that have nothing to hide and to ensure their girl knows they can be trusted, they call when they are safely at home (alone).  However, if you suspect he lies about this often then you have to ask yourself, are you willing to go over to his place and find out late one night?  And what will the consequences be if you find him lying about this?  Because if he lies about this, what else is he lying about.  And who is he with at all hours of the night?

“I blacked out and fell asleep so I didn’t hear my phone” 
Have I done this and it be the truth, absolutely!  However, the times that I consistently did this to a girl there were always major problems in the relationship.  And therefore I had total disregard for her feelings and respect for the relationship and whether or not it succeeded.  What you are willing to put up with, is what you will get time after time.

“My phone died”
This one can be tricky because let’s face it phones die and we can’t always rely on technology.   But just as I explained on the previous lie, if this is a consistent occurrence that causes long periods of not being able to get in touch coupled with other suspicious activity, and it’s causing major issues in the relationship then why can’t he get this resolved.  Charging a phone or buying a new battery isn’t too much to ask in order to remove a major pain point, unless of course there is something else going on.   I know a guy who purposely left his phone with a bad battery because it was always his excuse while he was up to no good, and he would show his girlfriend when they were next to each other just how fast the battery drained to build his alibi.

“I have never lied to you ever”
Men often say this in heat of the moment when they are being accused of another lie so this response is used to try to quickly reassure you that they would never lie to you.  But honestly, what would you expect them to say?  Chances are he’s lied about at least one of the lies in this article at least once, but to what extent and was it a lie to cover up something serious such as cheating?  Keep your eyes and ears open because often we know the truth even if we can’t prove someone is lying.

“I’m broke (but somehow he always have money to do sh*t without me)”
In all fairness, many of us are broke at some point between paydays so chances are he could be telling the truth.  Guys will often say they are broke to ward off any notion that you two are going to a nice dinner, or that he is buying you that purse you keep mentioning.  However, when a guy is lying about the state of his financial affairs it is normally because he doesn’t want his hard-earned money to be viewed as an open tab for you to spend, spend, spend!   Unless you guys have been together a long time and you put both your incomes into one pot, a man will use this tactic when he is trying to preserve his bank account as much as possible at this stage in the relationship.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone”
Depends on the topic.  However, lets say you  meet a guy and you hookup really quickly and you ask him NOT to tell anyone.  The chances of him telling at least one of his friends depends on a few things.  Whether or not he is on cloud nine about hooking up with you, or if he has some  reservations about it.  Other guys just can’t help to brag about conquest whether it was you or some other girl.  One thing is for sure, guys know that during those final moments as they are trying to close the deal to get your clothes all the way off that they if they tell this lie they can help put your mind at ease and provide some false sense of comfort.

“I love you”
Well damn, isn’t this the lie that matters the most?  The lie of all lies!  When and why would a guy EVER say this if it wasn’t true?!   Well this one is by far the most complicated and the reasons are far too numerous to discuss here in detail.  However, a common use of this lie is due to his strong affection for certain things about you and therefore fears losing you from his life, and even worse fears seeing you with anyone else.   So instead of saying he loves certain aspects of you and the relationship, he reassures you that he loves you to keep you there.  So he can figure out the next move, see how things progress, or in some cases to see if he finds something better.

As much as we’d like to see the best in our partners and trust that they are always 100% honest with us, the reality is that we are often told lies and completely obvlivous to it.  I sincerely hope that we shared some valuable things to consider and we’d love to hear your feedback.  Email us:

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